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Which Fridge?
Edition 105 - Full Testing Data
Click on the model below to see full data for indoor and outdoor tests

Data Graph Explanation


(These graphs to be viewed in conjunction with the fridge review in Western 4W Driver Ed 105.)


The information recorded by our power logging equipment can be explained as follows:

The blue line across the top shows the Voltage presented to each fridge. All fridges were connected to a single 60A laboratory power supply and the very slight bumps you can see in this trace are from various compressors as they were starting up.

The brown line, appearing like a staircase, shows the total A/H consumption for the duration of the test. You will notice it increase more rapidly during the hotter parts of the test.

The green line indicates immediate current drawn by the fridge. Again you will see this figure vary on some fridges due to the compressor running at various speeds or the use of additional cooling fans kicking in. The frequency of these green lines, indicating how often the compressor had to start up reflects the manufacturer's temperature restart settings and provides a rough guide to how well insulated each fridge is.


All fridges were exposed to identical conditions for the testing durations, therefore we can draw a reasonable comparison between one model and another.